Global Production Manager 

Storytel is the largest audiobook platform in Europe, present in more than 20 countries. Since 2017 I am part of the Publishing team. I currently work as a Global Production Manager. I spend my time helping local organizations so they can optimize their sound productions.

In Storytel, I have developed my skills in planning and team management. I am so proud to be part of a project as big as creative.

Podcast especialist

Throughout my career I have produced

  • More than 2500 hours of radio shows in Spanish radio stations (as Producer and VoiceOver)
  • More than 100 podcasts episodes (as Producer and VoiceOver)
  • More than 20 audiobooks recorded (as Narrator before meeting Storytel)
  • More than 200 radio ads recorded (as VoiceOver)
  • Managing teams up to 30 people
  • All kinds of audio content

And I assembled and disassembled several complete professional radio studios.

Now I put all this experience at the service of others in Produce.Audio, a training company to understand all aspects of sound production, specifically applied to the professional Podcast and online radio, from basic concepts to the most futuristic and advanced trends.

Audio is my life

Sound Editor Pro 

Passionate about multitrack software, daw controllers, microphones and plugins. I started in 1996 with Cool Edit, and since then, I have migrated from one editor to another like Audition, Ableton Live, Garage Band, Logic Pro X, Reaper, and in recent years, Pro Tools.

I also regularly use the extensive catalog of Waves, iZotope, and Symphobia.

sound editors

Sound Business Canvas 

An essential book for all entrepreneurs who want to start their sound business. An in-depth analysis of all the aspects necessary to create a bomb-proof sound-business model. Everything you need to create an irresistible audio product. With this book (and audiobook), you will learn everything you need to start a business from scratch without leaving anything behind. You will have your business model and the material required to start the marketing plan. This book is an exhaustive manual with dozens of examples and real cases. A sound studio, a new App, or exploit your talent as a sound artist, whatever is your project, you will need to read this book before launching into the market.

Coming soon

Audio Marketing Especialist

Brands have already reached a new evolutionary status. Now it is time to differentiate again. Almost all companies use visual ways but forget about a channel that users have open and unoccupied nearly all day: the ear. Use the sound to seduce your audience. Do you want to know how? Write to me, and I will tell you how.


Here you can find some of my publications

Próxima publicación

Próxima publicación


I am…


I write every day, whatever happens, whatever I do. I cannot leave it. I don’t know how to leave it. I do not want to leave it.


Like Felipe, Mafalda’s friend, I spend the day imagining, daydreaming about a world that does not yet exist. Many things end up coming true.


I am a born communicator. I like to communicate ideas, especially through sound. That is why I am VoiceOver. That is what I do.


I love to start projects, lead teams, achieve goals in set times, and add value by making a department or a company reach the next level.


Communicating with sound is one of the great privileges I have every day. The podcast is booming. It’s time to make you heard.


I need to disassemble reality to know how it is made. I am very curious. Whenever I can disassemble the objects, I look inside people. I want to know how they do it.



I do not know how to learn as established. I need to know the new rules as soon as possible and break them to see what happens. Only then I understand reality.


Shall we talk?

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